India Faces Threat of Reverse Sanctions from China as Huawei Might Get Restricted from 5G Bidding

India Faces Threat of Reverse Sanctions from China as Huawei Might Get Restricted from 5G Bidding

For quite a long time, India and China have managed to maintain their ties despite their historic territorial disputes. However, Huawei is ratcheting up tensions among the two amidst the US-China trade war.

With numerous allegations charged on Huawei, is has been placed on a US trade blacklist due to security concerns. US has raised concerns regarding China exploiting with its 5G technology, and has advised its allies to not get involved.

On July 10, Indian foreign minister Vikram Misri, was summoned to the foreign ministry. China stated down its concerns regarding the ongoing US campaign, of keeping out Huawei from the 5G mobile infrastructure worldwide.

China wishes that the decision by India regarding 5G bidders is fair and unprejudiced. China firmly stated that in case India plans to block Huawei Technologies from running operations in India, the country’s firms will be met with similar repercussions.

Indian companies based in China have limited proximity but are involved in different industries.  Namely Infosys, TCS, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Reliance Industries and Mahindra & Mahindra have presence there.

Hua Chunying reminded India the role Huawei has played in the development of India’s society and economy over the long period it has served there.

Right-wing Indian politicians for a long time have developed distrust towards China. With allegations of spying on Huawei, they have voiced their troubles regarding its operations in India. However, no proof have been found to be practiced by Huawei with regards to “back-door” programs or malware for data collection.

At the government’s National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) a solution was proposed by a tech expert, that both the software and hardware for the potential fifth-generation network could have different origins and not sourced from Huawei.

President Xi Jinping  is set to visit India in October, where along Prime Minister Narendra Modi trade challenges will be discussed, which includes India’s concern regarding 2018-19 trade deficit of 53 billion USD.

Currently India has six standing proposal for 5G technology trials, from firms such as Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and Huawei as well. The Principal Scientific Advisor to the Indian government Dr K Vijay Raghavan is heading a team of high-level officials, deciding upon the permit to Huawei’s 5G trials.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Indian telecom minister is undecided if Huawei would be invited, as India is soon to run trials for 5G technology. But hope remains as interior ministry has neither ordered to restrain Huawei’s entry.