5G – Future of China’s Digital Sector

5G – Future of China’s Digital Sector

Going digital is one of the best things to have happened to the world. China’s digital sector is predicted to experience a significant boost as more innovative technologies are being introduced. New generation technologies are expected to be some of the most powerful tools. Some of these technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the 5G wireless network. These state-of-the-art inventions are expected to affect the digital sector greatly.


The introduction of 5G technology will unlock the enormous potential of the Chinese digital marketing sector. By 2020, Shanghai is said to aim for complete 5G network coverage. By the end of 2019, around ten thousand 5G base stations have been expected to be established in Shanghai. After the investment of $2.9 billion in the 5G sector in 2020, another 10,000 5G base stations further be established in Shanghai.


Newer handsets that support 5G will be required making the old ones redundant. Smartphones supporting 5G wireless networks are currently under development and are expected to hit the markets soon. However, Chinese Mobile manufacturing giants such as Huawei and ZTI have already introduced their 5G compatible phones. Cell phone manufacturing companies have a lot to gain as the launch of the 5G network will open a world of opportunities for them.


The Chinese culture sector that includes digital and internet-based products has been expanding rapidly. In the first half of 2019, the Chinese culture sector had total revenue of $588 billion. The sector has seen a 7.9% rise since the previous year. At the beginning of 2019, China also granted 5G licenses to telecom companies allowing them to provide 5G network services commercially. This move by the Chinese government has marked a new era for the Chinese telecom sector.


The previous generations of networks only offered one special feature to its users. The 1G allowed its users to walk and talk, 2G let them send and receive text messages, 3G allowed them to use the internet and 4G let them stream hassle-free. However, 5G opens up a whole other world of services. It has a completely different wireless infrastructure, its speed is estimated to be 100 times faster than the 4G network system. 5G promises the elimination of any processing delays. GSMA, the global mobile network operator body, has estimated that around 460 million 5G connections will be operating in China by 2025. China will, therefore, have the most 5G connections compared to anywhere in the world.