Artificial Intelligence Investment – Potential Hazards and Notable Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence Investment – Potential Hazards and Notable Opportunities

Today, investment in artificial intelligence (AI) has become a lucrative option for investors; both existing and potential. However, it is inherently risky, and it has its own set of hazards and opportunities. For this reason and more, investors are strongly directed to get to know the basics before making an investment in artificial intelligence.

Potential Hazards of AI


Job Destruction

There is a risk that your artificial intelligence investment might not yield enough returns. This is because computers are meant to perform certain tasks better than humans. This implies that there is barely a need for compensation, and the same is the reason behind computers grabbing low-skill jobs.

Limited or No Knowledge

Another potential hazard of artificial intelligence investments, as per the critics, is that a computer will always struggle to perform the way humans can because computers can’t perform certain tasks if the information for that task is not in their database or knowledge base.


Lucrative Stocks for Investment in Artificial Intelligence

1.      Google

Google deems artificial intelligence extremely important. It has invested a lot of money in numerous projects in this area and has been able to officially form a research branch dedicated to AI, called Google AI.

Google is one of the most desirable options when it comes to making investments in artificial intelligence and other technological areas.

2.      Nvidia

Nvidia is a small chipmaker from Santa Clara that is known to produce some of the world’s most powerful computer processors. The firm aimed and was able to successfully introduce its technology to the world of AI.

While Nvidia Stocks experienced a downfall in October, prospects and forecasters in this field consider them as stocks that have a lot of potential for investment in artificial intelligence.

3.      Microsoft

When it comes to technological advancements and innovations like AI, one name that simply can’t be skipped is Microsoft. Microsoft has a specific platform that is focused on AI research called ‘Microsoft Azure.’

Of course, because Microsoft is such a big name in the tech industry, it’s safe to say that investing in the company and buying their stocks is a safe bet.

4.      Artificial Intelligence Exchange Trade Funds (ETF)

While the introduction of different ETFs for AI is unstoppable and several options are in the pipeline already, for now, the best way to get exposed to all the different technological innovations happening in the tech field is through Google and Microsoft.