Shanghai’s Expanding Green Manufacturing Sector

Shanghai’s Expanding Green Manufacturing Sector

According to official announcement by the Chinese government on June 5th, Shanghai will be promoting the development of its green manufacturing section as an absolute priority.

Green manufacturing refers to environmentally friendly focused approaches in design, production, packaging, application and recycling, along with everything else in between.

Shanghai is targeting to have 100 factories, 20 industrial parks and 10 supply chains to become fully setup and under the scope of green manufacturing by 2020, as well as setting the standards and assessment processes related to such classifications.

Furthermore, the Shanghai municipal government has announced plans on taking additional measures to ensure clean manufacturing processes and more efficient resource and energy usage in the manufacturing sector. This announcement came as part of the Shanghai energy-saving week, which aims to encourage the development of a sustainable economy in China.

This comes as no surprise given China’s increasing focus on counter pollution under the leadership of President Xi Jinping who stated that China has become a ’torchbearer in the global endeavor for ecological civilization’;

China has in 2017 released guidelines to help further increase industrial output, in the green manufacturing sector, in the Yangtze River Delta, where Shanghai is located, with the objective of reaching RMB 5 trillion (742 billion USD) by 2020.

It should also be noted that China’s ongoing campaign against pollution includes a new environmental protection tax, which went is now in full effect. Additional measures are also implemented which includes unannounced factory inspections by regulators.